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GO-Biz California Business Portal

Every now and then I lend my handiwork to other agencies as well.

The opportunity to work with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) was very refreshing, to say in a few words.

Some ARB team members, partnered with OTech, had assisted GO-Biz in building their California Business Portal.  The portal is a website designed to help Californians learn about how to start a business, what regulations they need to be aware of, and any grant funding that may be available to them.  The Public Affairs Office for GO-Biz had been looking for some one that had their own equipment and could produce a teaser for the site.  My coworkers had volunteered me for the job!

When I met with GO-Biz’s Public Affairs staff, I had pitched a mini docu style teaser.  It’s a style that I see common with startups – in place of lengthy text about their mission, they would make a mini docu video that appears like an underdog “human piece”.
Add interesting and charming business owners (a pool they’ll select), and mix in quirky music.  They absolutely loved the concept, and it aimed for the audience they were hoping to reach.

The kicker: we had three days to film, edit and finalize everything in time for the site’s unveiling at the Trends in Technology Conference.  I love a challenge!


This wasn’t a solo project, thankfully. Second camera work and b-roll shot by my talented coworker Antonio Leaks, whose work can be seen here.

Testing and filming was held at Digital Deployment in downtown Sacramento.


I chugged through editing and got it done a day ahead of schedule.  Every now and then I surprise myself sometimes.

For those that are interested, the California Business Portal is now live for the benefit of Californians looking to start their own small business!

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