Denise Chelini

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (MORe) PSA

Being a part of the CalEPA family means helping out with projects, even at a moment’s notice.

On January 1, 2016, a new law came into effect for Californian businesses to divert their organic waste into recycling/composting programs.  Assembly Bill 1826 aims to significantly decrease the amount of food waste ending up landfills, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced from its oxygen-starved environment to ultimately help California reach its climate action goals.

I used our agency’s camera (Sony NEX VG20) with it’s standard issue 200mm lens.  Awkward part was keeping in mind that the whole PSA so far was all shot in 4:3, so all the settings were reverted back to MPEG 2 and an unsupported audio format that made an appearance in Sony’s early consumer Handycams.

My portion was to film the general manager for the Sacramento Hyatt Regency talk about their early-adopted green waste and grey water program for their hotel.  Much like their business model, he was very accommodating! I also have an appreciation for his ecological business sense.
I had shot talking head and b-roll from 00:13 to 00:17, and the much-deserved stink eye he gives the clueless guy. I think it turned out great, except for the interlacing issues with the motion in my shots.



Learn about the Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (MORe) here.


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