Denise Chelini

New Year, new video

What had started as a lazy Christmas Eve (day), a couple of crafty State workers saw opportunity!

It was a fairly quiet day in the office, as most days are before a major holiday.  I had done my best to fight boredom for that week

We worked on the style concept together the day prior.  Graphics were already prepared by our in-house graphic designer for an annual campaign that year.  Script was easily crafted from the talking points of that same winter campaign.

Morning of I got everything together and set up the green screen, lamps, camera, and teleprompter. We each brought in a CO alarm from home so there would be a couple of styles for visuals.

Difficult part was having the run the teleprompter as our setup doesn’t include a foot pedal or hand controller, but tender use of a laptop’s touchpad!


Sorta started as a “why the hell not” sort of project, just so we’d see how management would respond to a different style.

I’m very pleased with the outcome (and so were they!), and hope to be able to make more videos where we’d include a onscreen personality.


UPDATE: EPA’s Spanish twitter account,  had retweeted our video, which was an extra pat on the back for us!

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