Denise Chelini

Escape up the 1 and 101

These series of photos were only taken as a service to myself.

I had taken the week off for my birthday for some quiet meditation, chores, and a drive up Northern California up into Southern Oregon and back.

I was gifted with a Nikkor 24-70mm as a birthday present days before the trip. I had rented this before and used for the 2015 Norcal Noisefest. I enjoyed it a lot, so I was revved up to use it again for miscellaneous nature photography.  I also brought a Kelda 8mm aspherical fisheye I got myself for Christmas (wanted to try my hand at panoramic stitching) simply because we were staying in a treehouse in Southern Oregon and I had no other wide lenses to take photos of the inside.

The fisheye also was great to add that extra “warp” when we visited the Oregon Vortex. If you ever visit, pictures are highly encouraged since photographic anomalies occur (film and digital!), and these help further their research on the vortex.

This was a fabulous opportunity for me to further play with my still camera and enjoy photography on a more recreational level.  People would ask me “What’s your favorite thing to shoot?” and I never had a good answer. I still don’t, but I did learn that I enjoy textures and patterns a lot.

Nor. California & So. Oregon Road Trip