Denise Chelini

(WANING) – live at Starlite Lounge

Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sacramento metal group (WANING).  Their music incorporates elements of doom and shoegaze, writing songs inspired by nature and the demigods that surround it.

They had approached me with the need for recordings of live performances, mainly used to help with booking and further promotion.
I discussed possible avenues for style, and came up with a concept they were excited about.

Instead of a multi-cam setup, I had used a single camera during their show at Starlite Lounge.  As talented as they are, their stage presence wasn’t going to be the main focus.
Audio was taken from shoe on camera (sound board at the time couldn’t offer a line out to my Tascam). Not clean, but they still sound fabulous.
For composited overlays, I searched and Pond5 for public domain footage of  foggy mountains, flora & fauna, storm clouds, celestial bodies and the like.
The song picked, Hunger is Her Table, Starvation Her Knife, is some of their newest material.  I delved into it, watched for changes and created a narrative weaving the stock footage.


Their music is truly inspiring. Looking forward to doing more work with them, if not work influenced by them.