Denise Chelini

Bike to Work Day

This was a pilot project that introduced a new video style to our agency utilize.  I wanted to prove that ARB should start producing short, digestible, sharable social media videos – and that these videos would gain traction too.  It was two weeks leading up to one of our favorite holidays celebrating the original zero-emission vehicle… the bicycle!

Bike to Work Day is a national holiday that encourages people to think about changing up their daily commute to better their health and their local air quality.  Every year on May 20th, we repost our CalEPA: Building a Two-Wheel Culture video to show solidarity with the holiday. Originally my team and I created that video on the behalf of CalEPA for the 2013 California Bike Summit.
Naturally I was tired of defaulting to the same video every year.

To start, I recycled the Two-Wheel Culture script and used as an outline. I also had repurposed footage from Two-Wheel Culture plus footage taken at CicLAvia the previous year.

New footage comprised of the time lapse sequence at the beginning and end of the video.  I had used the time lapse function on my personal GoPro Hero4 to film the building’s beloved bike storage room – employee bikes filling it up, and again at the end of the work day to show it spilling out again.  

Since this was a pilot to hopefully a future of similar content, I wanted to make sure we still had branding with the same flair. I went simple with a dip to color transition at the start and end (“CARB blue”) and our white logo fading on at the end.

I’m quite pleased to see that it got the amount of traction I had planned for (admit it, that amount of RTs for a state government fluff piece is impressive) .
Better yet, it paved the way for me to initiate more opportunities to create ARB sharable content!