Denise Chelini

NFXX “Bootleg Edition” videos

These videos were an exclusive to the Norcal Noisefest XX Pirate Box, which was available only during the three days of the festival.

The festival’s Pirate Box generated a localized wifi signal which attendees can connect, chat, upload and download items.
The intent was for performers to add free tracks, art, or other goodies to it available for download. I wanted in on the fun.

To go along with the “pirate” theme, I removed the intra coding in both the promo and the performer profile (also known as “datamoshing”).

The smearing effect you see is similar to if you improperly ripped (or pirated) a movie. Looking back, I should have compressed the audio too, giving it that wonderful, underwater whirling effect you would hear in RealPlayer videos in the late 90s.