Denise Chelini

CO Poisoning Prevention Campaign

CARB’s media team geared up for the annual carbon monoxide (CO) awareness campaign that occurs every Winter.

My producer’s vision for this year was to create a video that highlights the use and benefits of CO alarms.  As it turns out, there are still many Californians that don’t know about Senate Bill (SB) 183, which requires residents to install CO alarms in living spaces for their own protection.

Video style was to aim for a fun direction, as opposed to scary. CO poisoning is a hard subject to approach without hitting that note of doom and gloom, so we gave it that extra educational edge with a chalkboard background and chalk-inspired graphics created by our in-house graphic designer

English and Spanish products required only a one-day shoot for the on-camera talent, voice over, and other b-roll shot in front of the green screen. In-home b-roll was shot by my producer.