Denise Chelini

ArtStreet – Last Stand

From December through the end of February, I was humbled to work alongside an army of artists and volunteers dedicated to our local art scene.

For a second year, M5 Arts had curated another temporary art exhibit, this time featuring over 100 artists and performers of all disciplines.

Below are photos of the ArtStreet artist/crew party, though there are very few photos of artists/crew themselves.

Selected shots throughout this album depict some but not all pieces that were curated for ArtStreet (artists are credited where applicable).

In my photos, I realized my desire was to capture the absence of people from the curated works. All of February, I found myself swimming through hordes of adults and adolescents that came to use the art as a backdrop for selfies, rather than absorb it. It was in these cases that we’d find the exhibits being mistreated, and left in a state they weren’t intended to be in (visible in some photos).  After month-long suffocation, it was just satisfying to see these works breathe again.

Shot with Nikon d5100 with 8mm fisheye, seldom use of 70mm lens for outdoor shots. I hardly use my fisheye, and with the multitude of rooms it was an excellent opportunity to break it out again.

Full list of participating artists available at

ArtStreet 916 - wrap up