Denise Chelini

Moving California video testimonials

California has always led the way in climate action and clean energy. With funds collected from the cap-and-trade program, billions of that money went back to California, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

Many California Climate Investments (CCI) projects include funding to affordable housing, renewable energy, public transportation and zero-emission vehicles.

My communications team had worked with Moving California, one of many CCI programs, to create a series of testimonial videos that highlight the outcomes of the funding.

These videos I had designed to include Moving California branding hallmarks, and dictated for social media viewership.


Shot a-roll and b-roll, edited, light animation and mixed.


Shot only b-roll that doesn’t feature the principle, edited, light animation and mixed.


Shot a-roll and b-roll. Edited by a partner following the designated style for the CCI videos.