Denise Chelini

Norcal Noisefest XXI – promo

This year I took a sardonic, counter-advertising approach to the 2017 promo.

The plan was to visit the farmer’s market in the Downtown area to get man-on-the-street interviews.
My general hook was “Are you into local music festivals? Would you like to talk about one that’s coming up soon?”
Then I propositioned with questions like:
  • “Have you heard of the Norcal Noisefest?”
  • “Would you like to hear some of last year’s performers?” and provide them with headphones playing the 2016 compilation.
  • “Would you attend a festival like this?”
Angle was to get subjects curious, talking, and to get not-so-flattering soundbites to be contrasted with exciting footage and music tracks.
This ad expressed the current collective consciousness of the festival organizers. In recent excitement for local arts, the Norcal Noisefest knows where it stands amongst the more palatable music and arts events – it’s not even in the same building. Even added the additional flourish of “I LIKE to listen to static!” wink at the end – the 2017 tagline based off a Peanuts strip.
Produced and edited, but not filmed, by me.