Denise Chelini

CalEPA #EarthDay

Earth Day 2018 social media campaign designed to encompass ALL of the departments in the California Environmental Protection Agency that work hard to protect the environment.

My goal for Earth Day 2018 was to create a video that could be utilized by all the departments. Every department has a respective social media account, but not always a dedicated video production specialist (I am one of two in the entire Agency!). Earth Day is a huge holiday for the CaleEPA to remind Californians in the many ways they can take charge in the planet’s future.

Came up with concept, scripted, and storyboarded the segment. Went with short, descriptive, positive actions to sum up each department. Shot footage for CARB and OEHHA segments. Edited video, and rehashed music to fit the timeline.

Both English and Spanish versions of the video were mostly retweeted from @CaliforniaEPA but also a direct upload by the following accounts for widest distribution:

@AirResources | @CARBespanol | @CA_Pesticides |  @CalRecycle | @CaliforniaDTSC | @OEHHA@CAWaterBoards | @CAClimateInvest